Sunday, January 19, 2014

My "Mr. Right" wouldn't have to look like this, but I would not complain if he did! Inspirational!

     I've not spent time with Gym since about three weeks ago.  I think I'm at the tail end of fight sinus congestion, and I've been busier with school matters than I was last semester.  The good news, I'm still maintaining my weight with 150-155 pounds. 

     I hope to visit Gym again soon! 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sometimes, I call it "Gym Therapy."

  "Gym Therapy" I've called it many times!  You're an intelligent person, so I don't have to explain that.  It's one of the ways I enjoy living.  I enjoy doing the exercises.  I enjoy checking my weight on the scale.  I enjoy using the tanning beds.  I enjoy checking my waistline.  Sometimes, I enjoy doing low weight-high reps routines.  Sometimes, I enjoy maxing out with higher weights.  I'm not trying to be a body builder.  I'm not trying to outdo anyone.  What other people do is their business to enjoy.  

Friday, September 6, 2013

My other best friend: she's a bundle of joy!

     I wish I didn't have to keep her on a leash when we go outside.  She's fun to play with!  But, she's discovered joys of chasing cars, cats, butterflies, and anything that gets her attention.  

Keep pressing on. Gym is one of my best friends!

     Two days ago, I was able to flat bench with 160 lbs of plates on the bar.  My body weight has been about 150-155 lbs lately.  I will try to flat bench with 180 lbs of plates either on today or tomorrow.  

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Gym Diary on Friday, August 16, 2013

     Yes!  Yes!  YES, I enjoy being vain about waistlines (especially my own)!  Yes, working out helps me! 
     I enjoy good food.  For example, after this workout, I went to Waffle House and enjoyed a plate of scramble eggs, grits w/o butter, dry wheat toast, a small 5 oz steak, and a couple cups of black coffee. Generally, I avoid sugar coated cereals while aiming for the whole grains.  I buy a few boxes and mix them up in a huge plastic container.  Sometimes, I top my cereal with home made trail mix (pumpkin seeds, cranberries, almonds).  I love love LOVE old fashioned oatmeal.  I grind my own almond and peanut butters at the supermarket.  I drink WHOLE milk, unsweetened tea, black coffee, water, water, and water.  The less processed the food (meats, eggs, cheese, vegetables, fruits) the more I like them.  I use small plates and bowls and keep the portions under control.  


     Oh!  Did I mention that I enjoyed mowing my parents' lawn.  I found that raking the grass clippings could be good for the outer abs... rake in one direction for about twenty strokes then rake in the other direction... until I've finished the yard.  

     Saphira (sah-fear-rah) has been waking me up between 6:30 a.m. and 7:30 lately.  She's a bundle of joy, and she's very patient as I slowly get myself up and out of the bed.  Once we hit the outside, we're good to go!

Workout Summary for Friday, August 16, 2013:
  1. scissor crunches 23
  2. standing preacher curls 45 x 15
  3. scissor crunches 23
  4. standing preacher curls 55 x 12
  5. scissor crunches 23
  6. standing preacher curls 65 x 10
  7. dumbbell arm curls 40/40 x 5/5
  8. crunches (lying on a bench, feet on the floor) 50
  9. flat chest dumbbell press 130 x 10 (65 lbs in each hand)
  10. crunches 50
  11. flat chest dumbbell press 130 x 11
  12. crunches 50
  13. flat chest dumbbell press 130 x 11
  14. lower back machine 140 x 17
  15. leg raises (lying on the floor) 20
  16. lower back machine 140 x 20
  17. leg raises 20
  18. lower back machine 140 x 23
  19. leg raises 23
  20. abs machine 140 x 10
  21. 140 x 10
  22. 140 x 10
  23. chest flat bench barbell press 140 x 8
  24. side bends L45 x 15, R45 x 15
  25. chest flat bench barbell press 140 x 8
  26. side bends L45 x 15, R45 x 15
  27. chest flat bench barbell press 140 x 8
  28. side bends L45 x 15, R45 x 15