Thursday, June 6, 2013

I don't know, for sure, when I'll be back in a gym again!

I don't know exactly when I'll get back into a gym to workout again!  I've been waiting on my doctor's okay (since my minor surgery), but healing has it's own schedule, and I'll be departing South Korea within the next several days.

     Anyway, I believe should monitor my diet carefully through this coming week.  I've never flown American Airlines across an ocean before, so I'm not sure how much (or how little) they feed their passengers.  I'll assume they'll feed us more than we need to eat, and, since I've not been working out, I'll reduce my intake a bit all through the week.

     I'm not sure how soon, after landing home at last, when I'll find a suitable gym and get a weekly workout schedule all tailored to my liking!  But, all the foods I've missed!  I must exercise control!

     In the mean time, I'll gather all the inspiration and information I can about exercises.  Hopefully, I won't be without internet connection for long!